Laurie understands Constitutional Rights and Freedoms for ALL the people. She fights for people’s liberties. She stands behind Colorado First – Colorado Strong policies to restore Energy independence, health freedoms, jobs, school choice education, travel, commerce, benefits, and housing. She protects the rights of municipalities to keep local government under Local Control. Laurie will ensure that Election integrity laws, procedures, checks, and balances, and consequences for violations will be firmly  in place at the state level. She will put a halt to the use of all Dominion voting systems to restore our Constitutional right to Free, fair and accurate elections. She will stop all health mandates. She will terminate Sanctuary Illegal Refugee status thru out the state. She will implement comprehensive Education reform restoring parental authority for children in the form of health, school and curriculum choices. She will ban Critical Race Theory in schools and government processes. Restoration of oil, gas, and clean coal energy sources will benefit those energy resources for the long term and benefit citizens with affordable heating and travel costs.. She will put protections in place to keep our ranches, farms, and AG industry thriving. She will re-negotiate water allocations for Colorado’s use first. She will protect rural areas from the public health and safety concerns surrounding the wolf re-introduction.

Laurie believes that less government is more. She will deregulate redundant and onerous business regulations that prevent good business practices.  She will cut taxes across the board. Laurie is a staunch believer in the precepts of “Peace thru Strength” and promises to provide protection, education and defense for Police forces and agencies thru out the state. She will build up a strong coalition to supplement Veterans with housing and medical care need deficits. She will form a cooperative effort with Governors in all other states, to stop child sex trafficking. She will make sure that pedophilia will remain ILLEGAL in perpetuity. She will protect and defend every person’s right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including the pre-born and just born.She will implement a constitutional legal review of all ordinances, statutes, resolutions and amendments to remove those that conflict with our Constitution.

Laurie will uphold, protect  and defend our Constitution for ALL citizens.


Laurie is currently serving as a Monument Trustee, elected to office in April of 2018, for a four year term. She entered into public office during turbulent times in Monument’s governmental history. She has assisted in the process of restoring orderly governance, acquiring professional management, ensuring appropriate budgetary checks and balances, encouraged appropriate growth and building development, continues working for clean, radium free, renewable water sources, has achieved getting local control back from the State thru ballot initiative and cementing the outcome of the issue with high affirmative voter turn out. She effectively passed the Monument Resolution, restoring every citizens right to choose their own health care, school, business operations, and their right to the practice of religion without government interference. Restoring these Constitutional rights to the people in the Monument Resolution enabled every citizen to remain open in Monument for daily commerce. The net result was that every person decided for themselves whether to get a shot or not get a shot – wear a mask or not wear a mask – open their business or not open their business daily – go to school or not go to school – putting the balance of power back in the hands of the people where it belongs. Laurie was invited to share these protections and more –  with over 20 counties during 2021.

Campaign Platform

My purpose in running for Governor is simple but comprehensive.  I want to make Colorado First in order to make Colorado Strong again. I want to undo everything this current administration has done to harm Colorado. Implementing Colorado First – Colorado Strong Policies will empower the people by creating the greatest local and state-wide impact necessary to achieve independence and prosperity. Returning this state back to our Constitutional foundation will generate the most powerful leverage in rebuilding trust and a solid faith in our founding principles again. Returning Colorado back to a state of Energy independence will be the first step in good governance. I have over 177 high priority Colorado First – Colorado Strong policies to jump start the state within a 30 day period.