Campaign Platform

My purpose in running for Governor is simple but comprehensive. I want to undo everything this current administration has done to harm Colorado. Below is what my. campaign platform will be to empower and create a local and state-wide positive impact. Returning this state back to our Constitutional roots will generate the most powerful impact to create a new trust and rebuild faith in our founding principles again. 

After. listening to the people’s concerns in over 21 counties, watching testimonials, reading through petitions, an.  reviewing lawmakers messaging, the list below will.  give every voter. individual power and purpose to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as free men and women, in Colorado, again.

Campaign Objectives – Colorado First Policies

  • Re-initiate Colorado Sovereignty
  • Establish a return to Constitutional governance
  • Restore Election Integrity
  • Terminate Emergency Disaster Declaration Orders
  • Open Colorado – ALL business, places of worship, schools, hospitals, and governmental meetings will be deemed essential
  • Terminate unelected Public Health and Safety enforcement authority
  • Ban refugee Sanctuary City and State Status
  • Stop Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia 
  • Restore Sanctity of Life 
  • Reform the Dept. of Social Services and Foster Care Systems
  • Tax Cuts
  • Roll back State Regulations for Businesses
  • Remove laws, procedures, processes, resolutions, declarations, ordinances and guidelines that conflict with the Constitution
  • Declaration of State Wide Constitutional Authority
  • Return Local Control to all Counties to determine their individual futures with a focus on security and prosperity
  • Forestry Reform
  • Reform State wide Renewable Water Resource Allocations
  • Comprehensive Education Reform
  • Reform Colorado Military Housing and Medical Care Aid
  • Health Care Choice returned to the public market place
  • Comprehensive Insurance Reform
  • Senior Citizen Protections
  • Parental School Choice
  • Restoration of Parental Rights
  • Public Health and Safety Procedure Reform
  • Full Funding of Law Enforcement, Colorado State Patrol and Bureau of Investigations
  • Transportation Infrastructure Reform 
  • Long Term Contracts bringing back Oil, Gas and Clean Coal 
  • Incentives to Employers considering Americans First for jobs
  • Support, re-enforce and Defend ALL Amendment Rights
  • Support Domestic Made Products
  • Affordable Housing Reform
  • Implement Grants Established for Transitional Housing, Mental health Services, Substance Abuse Treatment, and Skill Training Re-education for the Homeless
  • Reform Budgetary Process, management and Allocations
  • Restore Legislative authority controls and legislative processes
  • Re-Establish Executive Branch control