Election integrity laws, procedures, checks and balances, and consequences for violations need to be firmly in place at the state level – in every state, well in advance of any 2022 election. 47 states are in the legislative process right now working diligently to get this accomplished. These actions should be of the highest priority in EVERY state. This is especially true for Colorado. Our last three election cycles have been found to be totally rigged. Dominion and Smartec voting systems should be immediately removed from every county. GOP Republicans own these machines and other GOP Republicans share in the profits and benefits that have caused us to lose our right to free and fair elections.

These people should be the first to step up and demand the removal of the corrupt voting machine systems. Instead, I hear from GOP Republican Women’s club’s guest speakers from the media touting the fact that the women should understand that these systems are here to stay. What? I don’t understand. I will not accept these machines under any circumstances. Not on my watch. These GOP voting machines have destroyed our Constitutional rights to free and fair elections. I will be the loudest voice in the state demanding they be removed. I will not be silenced. We don’t need a bill that will federalize corrupt and fraudulent election processes like the Democrat party is rapidly trying to push thru. H.R. 1. Is a no-go. Protest it. Fight back. I will fight to Save our Constitutional right to free and fair elections. I am your Constitutional Conservative Choice in Colorado.