Campaign Platform

My purpose in running for Governor is simple but comprehensive. Initiating and implementing my Colorado First – Colorado Strong Policies, everything this current administration has done to harm Colorado can be remediated. These policies will empower the economy by creating a strong local and state wide positive commerce base. Returning Colorado back to our Constitutional foundation will succeed in generating the powerful fiscal engine of prosperity. Regaining trust and rebuilding faith in our founding principles will naturally result.. 

After listening to the people’s concerns in over 21 counties, watching testimonials, reading through petitions, and reviewing legislation direction, I came to the realization that addressing the needs below will give every  individual the power and purpose needed to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as free men and women, in Colorado, again.

Colorado First – Colorado Strong Policies

  • Take Back Our Colorado Sovereignty
  • Return to Constitutional Governance
  • Restore Election Integrity
  • Ban Dominion Voting Systems
  • Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools and government processes
  • Terminate Emergency Disaster Declaration Orders
  • Keep the Borders closed to stop the free flow of fentanyl and other dangerous drugs
  • Open Colorado for Business
  • Terminate unconstitutional Public Health and Safety enforcement authority
  • Ban illegal refugee Sanctuary City and State Status
  • Stop Child Sex Trafficking
  • Make Pedophilia Laws permanently ILLEGAL
  • Restore Sanctity of Life 
  • Revoke Unconstitutional Abortion Laws
  • Reform Social Services and Foster Care Systems
  • Reduce Tax Rates
  • Roll back Business Regulations 
  • Remove All laws, procedures, processes, resolutions, declarations, ordinances and guidelines that conflict with the Constitution
  • Terminate all emergency Health Mandates
  • Return Local Control to all Municipalities  
  • Forestry Reform
  • Renewable Water Resource Allocations for Colorado’s use FIRST
  • Comprehensive Education Reform
  • Establish a Colorado Military Housing and Medical Care Supplement
  • Health Freedoms for ALL citizens
  • Comprehensive Insurance Reform
  • Senior Citizen Protections 
  • Parental School and Curriculum Choice
  • Restoration of Parental Authority
  • Public Health and Safety Procedures Reform
  • Full Funding/Training/Education of Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Public Transportation Infrastructure  
  • Restore Energy Independence
  • Colorado First Jobs Incentives
  • Support, re-enforce and Defend Second Amendment Rights
  • Domestic Made and Manufactured Products Support
  • Affordable Housing Reform
  • Implementation of Transitional Housing, Mental health Services, Substance Abuse Treatment, and Skill Training/Re-education for the Homeless
  • Reform Budgetary Process, management, distributions and Allocations 
  • Restore Legislative and executive Branch authority and process controls 
  • Roll Back of all Government Fees